Re-opening the office and change to business hours

The coronovirus crisis is a world-changing event and each of us is having to deal with its aftermath and the next normal.

We are aware that from a business operational point of view the future is not what it used to be and no-one is quite certain what normal will look like in the coming months but it does feel like a return to what was a pre-covid norm is much closer.

As we return to a new kind of normal we are opening up our office again where you are free to pop in albeit with regard to current guidance on Covid safety measures and respecting each other’s health and safety.

We have been looking at how we address the new level of client demand (as a result of Covid-19) and as a result we are changing our office operating hours.  From Monday 2nd August 2021 our new office hours will be 9am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

The front door is open and as you would expect we will be continuing to adhere to current health and safety guidelines regarding Covid-19 both for clients and staff.

Tom Bathgate
2nd August 2021