Gill Johnson joins the Huddart Team

Gill Johnson’s first passion was triggered 30 years ago by what has been dubbed ‘the soap wedding to end all soap weddings’ – when Neighbours favourites Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) and Charlene Mitchell (Kylie Minogue) walked down the aisle in Australia.  You may remember (that will betray your era) that UK viewers had to wait over 18 months to watch Episode 523 (premiered in 1987) when the episode finally reaching BBC1 in November 1988.

It pulled in nearly 20 million viewers one of whom was a very young Gill Johnson who became so starry eyed (understatement!) over Jason Donovan that when she celebrated her 21st birthday it was time to follow her passion and head to Australia where she lived and worked for 2 years.

Gill’s return to the UK was driven by another passion of hers which is her family.   While still in Australia her mum sadly become unwell and she came home immediately to be with her during a very tough time.  This decision proved how key it is to follow your passion as her mum passed away the next year and Gill, to this day, enjoys such positive and happy memories of that special time.

Now back in England and pursing her own career, her husband started his own business and as it grew and developed he desperately needed help in the back office with accountancy services and asked Gill to get involved.

Gill was at that time and travelled to places like China and Hong Kong so it was quite a leap to get involved in the family business and in particular the accountancy side of it which was totally new.  In her own words she fell into her next passion, accountancy, through getting involved in the family business which gave her an appetite for accounts and motivated her to enrol at North Trafford College and pursue her accountancy exams (AAT).

We are delighted that Gill, who lives locally, continues to follow this passion and has joined us as an Accounts Assistant and is already proving to be a super addition to the Huddart Team.

While she is without question following her passion for accountancy, she still has a little bit of a passion left for Australia.  In June 2018, along with her husband and young family, she took part in the BBC programme ‘Wanted Down Under’.  It will be screened in January 2019!

We have appointed Gill to help us as a firm follow our passion which is – to build a strong and positive relationship with our clients beyond the invoice and help them manage and improve their business (their passion) in both the good times and the bad of starting, growing and completing the life-cycle of business.